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It is highly doubtful a Sangheili would care for a Human, but it is unknown for sure if this is true.

Who keeps asking about human and elite relations? Its really getting disturbing. Please, just read the wiki page, it has all the information. Anything people say here would be a guess and couldnt be taken seriosly anyway. Your questions are pointless and sick

^ Maybe they like Halo porn?


A question like this is pretty much the same as asking whether or not a dog would love you like that; Sangheili aren't even the same species, and just like how you wouldn't see a dog or a kangaroo as something you'd lust after (unless you're a zoophile) a Sangheili wouldn't lust after a human - and vice versa.

Just because they're sentient as well doesn't mean they'll love something outside of their own species.

^ Plus I doubt Something would love you after you killed most of it's comrades/brothers.

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