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I don't think there will be a beta because you can just play the Halo CE demo,plus it's going to be out in like a month and a half. CE anniversary, sadly, is just gonna be reach with new maps. No need for a betaYes and No.

There will be a Title Update for Halo: Reach in mid to late September, early October. Before anything is "permanently" changed in Halo: Reach by the title update there will be a Beta playlist to test out some of the changes, the community will be able to leave feed back on 343's web site Changes will be made according to the feed back.

Halo CEA's multiplayer, is Halo: Reach's the 7 new maps, 6 match making, 1 Fire Fight, are nothing more than DLC, for Halo: Reach that will come on the Halo CEA disk. noNo. Because the campaign is exactly the same as halo ce. And the multiplayer is played using your halo reach charachter.No there isn't. Why would Halo: CEA need a beta? The multiplayer is just a map pack for Halo: Reach's multiplayer. It is possible, albeit unlikely, that Halo: CEA might possibly include an invitation to Halo 4's Beta (If a network beta is done at all. It's possible the beta testing may be kept in-house and not made public.)There will probably be one. We can't guarantee it'll be like Halo 3: ODST where you were invited to play the Reach Beta. But, I don't know, maybe they'll send us an invitation in Halo: no its just halo ce with better graphics but there will probably be a beta for halo 4 next yearThere will not be a beta for CE Anniversary. The TU will be configurable by 343i as a "beta"Yeah, it's called Halo 1, and for the multiplayer beta it's Halo Reach!There will be a playlist with the Reach title update that will contain a "beta hoppers", and I beleave it will contain the multiplayer maps, but if u mean campaign wise, then you may have to wait till the release date.yeah

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