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Maybei wouldnt count on it but mabyeThere are few details about Halo 4 currently, but there most likely won't be any elites.

Hopefully. It was nice to have allies that didn't keep on dying for once.

who knows but there maybe senitals becausethe sheild world may be onyx

hard to say but we may have the senitals for allies or if it is onyx master cheifs old team got trapped there but it could be the forerunner homeworld so it might all new aliens speices on a expadtion their or something

It is known that the Shield World is indeed NOT Onyx. [SPOILER ALERT!!] In the novel, Ghosts of Onyx, the story ended with all Onyx Sentinels under the surface of Onyx to rise out from the ground, leaving a Micro-Dyson Sphere at the center of a huge army of orbiting Onyx Sentinels in space. It is most likely that the encountered Shield World is a new Shield World entirely.

Yes, it has been confirmed.

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