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for balancing purposes. i would be a bit over powered if you had 2 gunners and the pilot was a gunner also well, making it have 3 chainguns. also there are no grenade falcons in MP for the same balancing reasons.Gameplay, the falcon's main gun is way too powerful/accurate/fast. It would mow through anything that tried to kill the falcon except maybe someone with a laser or a lucky rocket. Unlike the banshee, which has to get close to prove how insane the fuel rod is, the falcon could just more or less snipe people with it.campaign falcons have guns on there sides and multiplayer falcons don't have guns on there sidesThey would be overpowered if they had the weapons for the pilotthe turrent would allow for really easy killsFor fairness. If you're flying in a banshee, and have been doing good, why would you want a noob to jump in any old falcon and end your streak?

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