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it isnt It's not really...just another permutation, however in Halo 3 it was extremely hard to get, only offered to the top 7 players in different areas or given by Bungie, until the vidmaster challenges, at which point it was considerably easier to get, but still very much a challengeits not anymore, during Halo 3 it got you differant armour but bungie/343 scraped recon with reachIt isn't anymore. It was important because of the fact that before the Vidmaster challenges were made, Recon could only be obtained if you worked tat Bungie or someone from Bungie gave it to you.Because it's very are.It isn'twoot woot becauze itz coolio because it is the best armor in the worldIn Halo 3, the Recon helmet was Bungie-only. When ODST came out, Bungie offered the Recon helmet to anyone who completed all 7 vidmaster challenges. An exclusive recon variant was offered to anyone who pre-ordered Halo Reach. The Recon armor is "important" because not everyone can get it.It isn't.Because it shows that you are good enough at halo to get the vidmaster challenges.It's not that IMPORTANT, it's just really hard to get in Halo 3 due to the Vidmaster Challenges' difficulty, so players who have the Recon armor are usually held in high regard by other players. In Halo: Reach, though, a version of the helmet is available from the start, so its popularity died down a bit soon after. Hope this helped.Because it is difficult to attain and shows that you've either played Halo a lot or kissed Bungie's ass.

Well in halo 3 it was important prior to halo 3:ODSTs release but now yo don't need to get the vidmasters due to the final transition between bungie and 343i

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