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Why is kat invincible?

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All Noble team members (except for B-312 who makes up for it by using time travel to revive themself) are immune to death. However, they lose this ability during cutscenes.

  • That should be really easy to figure out yourself. You pretty much answered your own question: cutscenes. The Halo stories are all scripted. Allowing a key member to die before the time in the script comes for them to die ruins the story. It'd be like allowing a James Bond Villan to die in the first five minutes. To actually have story, they don't kill them until the end of the movie. It's all part of a script. It's the same exact reason why you respawn after you die in the campaign: The story couldn't go on without you. It'd just be "Okay Noble 6 (or Master Chief in other games) died we lose the end." Nicholas Ranayhossaini 00:44, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

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