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Seriously? A game that should entertain for longer all happening in 1 day?? Never. It's just the same mistakes as always between book-game, book-film.Well, Halo: Fall of Reach means the actual falling took a day, and the first few days of Halo: Reach didn't count to is not cannon Bungie just tried to expand the campaign so you wouldn't just be there for 3-4 missions and everything's is a filler arc like how Noble team never really existed and that the Pillar Of Autumn was never docked on the surface of Reach also in space you notice how you see a single "Super-Mac-Gun", Also Dr.Halsey never gave "Noble 6" Cortana.The novel was written some time before Halo: Reach was developed and released. In terms of canonicity, the game takes precidence.

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