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Do you think that spartans, with their big mjolnir suits can go prone and then get up in time when under fire. Keep in mind, Master Chief weighs 2000 lbs but he is a spartan 2. Spartan 3 weigh half as that. They are too big. As for the grenade indicator, you can see grenades, so why have one?

This isn't call of duty

Spartans CAN go prone! at the end of nightfall in reach Noble six & Jun r both prone while they r watching the Covenent invasion force. it is not in gameplay because the fast pace of the game (especially multiplayer) would kind of render it useless. the 1st person 2 answer this question is wrong & right. spartan 2s weigh 1,000 lbs+ but they wouldnt go prone in the middle of a firefight. thats just plain stupid.

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