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halo reach is about the FALL of reach and doesnt include the hornet because they dont need them with the falcon and pelican

Beacuse everyone loves steve and not hornets!!!!!


Actually it is because Bungie wanted Halo Reach to be more generic so it seemed that it actually happened before the events of Halo Combat Evolved. Halo Wars was a little untrue mainly because in Halo Combat Evolved you dont see any of the vehicles seen in Halo Wars. Dont forget Halo Wars came out after Halo 3 and included lots of vehicles from Halo 3. also halo reach is the army halo wars is the marines and the reason halo wars probly had more units is because in halo wars they where only just starting to lose so they probly had crobras ect and since that perticular mission (for the covenent) is very improtant they would have sent the best hence the arbitar and the prophet overseeing the mission

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