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If your fighting a losing war, wouldn't YOU want an overpowered VTOL.So they can kill the covvies easily.Halo 3's Hornets are only over-powered in the Campaign and in Custom Games, mainly due to it's target seeking, duel firing missiles. In order to incorporate the Hornet fairly into matchmaking, Bungie removed these duel firing rockets, leaving only a rapid-firing chain-gun, similar to the one mounted on the Warthog. This made the Hornet a MUCH less imposing threat, usually easily taken out by Spartan Laser, Rocket Pod, or even opposing chain-gun. In short, the Hornets full arsenal was an awesome idea by Bungie which worked really well for taking out fleets of Banshees in campaign, but didn't pan out quite as well in matchmaking where a single player could turn the entire tide of battle just by taking control of the air.

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