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not the odsts cuz there not spartans , not noble cuz there all dead except jun and thanks to the guy u play as in reach, master chief got off the planet in the pillar of autumn, so to answer ur questio...master chief,arbiter,johnsonNoble team, they are spartan-III's, have a more balanced mind-set, giving out specific jobs to members, and unlike MC, Thel and Johnson, are far more advanced, MC isnt even a spartan 3, and he relies on brute force, luck, and Cortana to get his work done, the arbiter is a good sword user, but given his ten second time limit for his camouflage, the heavy weapon users of Noble would shred him through with some support from the others, and Johnson, hes a normal marine who is only effective against flood, Noble wins, unless one of them has a spartan laser or fuel rod gun, then the splash damage would slowly kill off the team

Actually^^^ is incorrect

Spartan III's were cheaper to make and aren't as strong and they Have weaker armour compared to the armour of spartan II's so Master Chief, Arbiter and Johnson would win

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