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To put it quicker than the person below me, let me sum it up in a few words: SPRAY ADN PRAY R TEH WAY 2 PLAY!!!!!!!!!!11shift+1!!!!111!!!!!1111!11!!1!!!!!!!!!111 and anyway does Star Wars have the ability to spam armor lock?

This is a Halo page so i will say Halo .Also because there is energy shielding in halo so ya

If by Halo you mean pre-2525 UNSC vs. the Alliance, then tactically the UNSC. The UNSC has lightspeed weaponry, i.e. the Mass Accelerator Cannon, while from the looks of it, the Alliance doesn't. Although the Alliance has the beam rifle-looking things that shoot blobs of energy, on-screen they are going WAY too slow to be considered lightspeed weaponry. Also, the UNSC has a fleet of thousands of warships (with lightspeed weaponry), as well as the Spartan-II's. The Alliance has their own ships and elite soldiers, but nothing like the UNSC. Plus, the Alliance loves their lightsabers. What's the point of a lightsaber when you've got a gaping, bleeding hole in your chest from a BR-55, which the user shot from twenty feet away?

If by Halo, you mean pre-2525 Covenant vs. the Alliance, then tactically the Covenant. The Covenant has an entire armada of nearly-invicible spaceships, all with very powerful plasma weaponry. The Alliance, once again, has their own ships, but the Covenant dwarfs them (literally) in size, number, and effectiveness; these same ships can also destroy planets from space. The Covenant also has billions and billions of ground troops, which would overwhelm the Alliance in a ground fight. The Covenant may have their energy swords, which are the Halo version of the lightsabers, but they also have Plasma Rifles and other ranged weaponry. Once again, what's the point of a lightsaber when you've got a sizzling, flaming hole in your chest from a Plasma Pistol, which the alien bastard shot from twenty feet away?

If by Halo, you mean the Flood vs. the Alliance, then tactica... NOMNOMNOM!!! That's the noise of the Flood eating the Alliance.

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