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Everyone should, that game pissed me off the way it killed everyone! I know they were going to die, but they are SPARTANS! Kat shouldve died taken out a frigate, jorge holding off an army, and well, im ok with blue boring dudes. Emile shouldve just dropped of the face of the planet

ONE needle killed her WTF!!!!!!! all im goin to say one freakin needle.

Jorge's death, to me, was the most honorable. He chose to sacrifice himself to save his team and the UNSC. He manually detonated the slipspace drive. Noble 6's death was the 2nd most honorable. He had that lone wolf mission where he used his last breath to fight off the Covenant. He died fighting in battle! Carter's death was the 3rd most honorable. He kamikaze'd himself right into a scarab. But then again, he could have just jumped out or used all of the Pelican's remaining firepower to blow it up. Emile's death was the 4th most honorable, by that I mean the 2nd lamest. He got assassinated by an elite and its energy sword! Anybody in multiplayer who's not a n00b could have easily avoided that kind of assassination. If Emile's so tough and skilled at CQB, then how could he not have avoided being killed via close quarters??? And yeah, Kat's death was the lamest OF ALL. Being sniped by ONE cheap shot is worse than Miranda Keyes's death of being shot by MULTIPLE spikes by the Prophet of Truth. Seriously, being Kat is worse than being that annoying Keyes when it comes to death. And what's with Kat and being the damage sponge as well? She first got her whole ARM CUT OFF! Then she was used as a human shield by some n00bs. And then she got sniped in the BACK OF THE HEAD!

I dunno. Kat was sniped in the back of the neck after improperly attaching her helmet while going down that elevator. Emile, for comparison, got killed by two Elites, one who tried to kill him, though he blew it's brains out, and one that stabbed him in the guts while he wasn't looking. Admittedly, Emile survived getting stabbed through the chest, proceeding the kill the guy that made him bleed to death, but still, pretty lame. Atleast he had a fair chance against enemies that were very near him. Plus, I think Keyes got it worse than anyone else. No evidence in the Halo universe has ever indicated that the Prophet of Truth (or for that matter, any Prophet) has ever actually used a handheld weapon like a Spiker. After shooting one of the highest ranking members of the UNSC in the back several times, he proceeded to toss the gun aside with obvious disgust. She didn't get any epic last words, any epic final moves. She crashed a Pelican through a window, attempted to murder-suicide Sergeant Johnson and got shot in the back. That's more drunk behavior than anything. Plus she came alone in the Pelican. Let me rephrase that to further emphasize that. With the intention of killing the last leader of the Covenant and his honor guards in order to stop the total destruction of everything in the universe, she flew through a window armed with a shotgun and a magnum pistol, alone. Cough.

to whoever said that Jorge's death should have been fighting of hordes of covenant your are wrong. first of all you do that in the end of the game. second of all there was nobody left on the covenant corvette to kill. and kat's death was pretty stupid

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