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"General; Zealot is a term used to describe Sangheili Special Ops, or Covenant Specialists in general." incorrect. A zealot can be higher than a general! Zealot is a series of ranks one of the highest being feild marshall, Which is a higher rank than a general.

your stupid and general

While a Sangheili General is the highest ranking regular infantry it is below that of a Zealot. Here is why---- *Sangheili Zealot description:

Employed by the Ministry of Fervent Intercession

"Sangheili Zealots serve as the admirals and generals of the Covenant military; Commanders of Battalions, Ships and Fleets. Field Masters lead armies; Ship Masters command ships; Fleet Masters command armadas. "Zealot" seems to be a general term, applying to all high ranking Sangheili. It is also possible that each rank has sub-ranks as well, since the rank of Field Marshal exists, though this is most likely superior to a Zealot."

They are considered High Commanders

*Sanghieli General description:

"The highest-ranking military personnel employed by the Covenant among their groundside forces, this rank has only been observed during the Battle of Reach"

This abtract was taken from the Halo Nation Wikia, that said - all credit goes to them.

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