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If I am correct than you should be able to get one at Target or Walmart sometime in the next few months. At one of the conventions this past year they showed some of the upcoming MacFarlane toys and one of them was Falcon fully scaled to fit the MacFarlane figures. I don't see it announced yet but I'm guessing it will be released sometime near december. Right in time for christmas probably. I can't wait to get it either, so you are not alone in asking your question. I think they are going to have a Banshee as well. I think it'd be so cool if they made a Revenant and a Scorpion. Obviously if they made a Scorpion they would have to go all out and make a Wraith as well. Hell, if they went that far they might as well throw in a Spirit or Phantom dropship, or a Seraph, or a Sabre. Of course, the coolest, most ultimate MacFarlane vehicle that could ever be made would be a Covenant Scarab! Aw man that'd be so sweet. Or an Elephant, but updated for Halo Reach. I have gotten far too carried away again. To answer you question, you are just going to have to wait for the Falcon, or order it online when it finally is released.I think mega blocks is the only toy company that makes a falcon

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