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There "Might" Be more halo games. but bungie may not be the lead.

Bungie claims they are done with the Halo series, but then again, they said the same thing with Halo 3. This time, however, it seemd more serious for some reason, in my opinion anyway. Regardless, Halo videogames will likely continue to be made, though with 343 Studios likely leading. They were the Microsoft-created studio made especially for the Halo franchise. However, in a recent interview with Bungie's Joseph Tung, he did say that this was the end of the line for Bungie as far as Halo, but he did also let slip that Bungie was working on something big. As to what this might be, nobody really knows except Bungie themselves. So really, all the speculation can be left up to you. I hope this helped. -- CMDR MUSHU

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