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Well, from the teaser. It looks like a new grenade launcher the size of a pistol. Also, the assault rifle will probably be back..Its funnyThere might be some old weapons from the halo trilogy might be in it but they will be new weapons. You can see one of them in the halo 4 teaser/trailer-Unidentified UNSC Pistol/SMG and Assualt Rifle are the only weapons know currently.The grenade gun we saw in the trailer , Hope fully the old MA5C.

im hop[ing awesome new weapons

the battle rifle and assault rifle[[Category:It might be grenade launcher mounted on it i highly dought this my other idea is that it might be incendiary rounds,or a more heavy round loaded inside the reason for the larger round idea is that it might be another modle of jilan al-cygni's pistol (developed by oni) maybe it was loaded on the ship because at the end halo 3 when cortana said hang on! the tank and warthog fell out box's also fell out mybe one came undone and the pistol fell out it got stuck in hole or corner either way i'd say thats about all i have hope halo 4 is going to bring halo's pride and honor back salute 343 annd bungie for their incredible work.]]

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