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A Hunter, also known as a Mgalekgolo, is a large creature under the rule of the Covenant Empire. They stand at an average 12 feet tall and weigh upwards of five tons. They are made up of tiny, orange-colored worms known as Lekgolo; there are thousands if not more of these in a single Hunter. Although not intelligent while seperated, when two or more Lekgolo come together, their intelligence and strength increase dramatically. They hail from Te, a planet covered with thick clouds of non-breathable (to humans) gases. The creatures were brought into the Covenant after they found that some Lekgolo were eating Forerunner artifacts. The Lekgolo fought well and eventually the Covenant was forced to "glass" the planet from orbit. With no defense from this type of action, the Lekgolo had no choice but to join the Covenant to stop the threat of certain annihilation. This effort came to be known as the "Taming of the Hunters" by the Covenant. When encountered in the games, Hunters almost always fight in pairs with their "bond brother." They are covered in thick blue, teal, or golden-brown (Halo 3: ODST) armor and equipped with a heavy shield, both impregnable to most armaments in the UNSC arsenal. Their only weak points are their unarmored stomach area, back, and neck. Hunters carry a powerful fuel rod cannon into battle, capable of both single shot and "stream" fire.

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