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They aren't infected, per se. Any creature with insufficient calcium is killed by the flood and their bodies are brought together to help create a gravemind, but any creature can be used to do this as well

to quote the gravemind midway thru infecting truth, "you will become food, nothing more" granted GM was probably talking about all sentient life, humans, elites and brutes are more useful then grunts, jackals, and prophets(in terms of calcium in the body, prophets being equally useful to set up a gravemind neural abilities, all 6 useful for the body), hunters being immune to infection but lacking the biomass the flood needs on an individual scale(think 1 hunter is a colony of roughly 300-400 eel like creatures) drones never being shown infected, thou odds are they either are on par with grunts or are worthless to the flood like hunters, in short, grunts/jackals=floodsnax

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