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some changes are that elites have been included and new ordinance have been included also, like a new pistol like weapon, it locates a target (perfect for phantoms or spirits) and drop a dozen of freaken missils out of nowhere. Thats all I now but theres adozen more changes to reach's firefight.There is only one known change right now, at least until the actual game comes out: when playing Multi-player Firefight, there is an option to play as the Elites as well. The Elites' goal is to kill the Spartans and of course deplete their lives for the set and minimize their score. The Spartans' goal is to score as many points as they can and survive a set. The teams will alternate as such: 2 sets as Elites, then 2 as Spartans. And 3 sets as Spartans and 1 as Elites. There may be other team patterns, but we'll have to wait until to game comes out to know for sure. (I'm pretty sure it'll be sets, because waves and rounds seem too short to do much). Hope this helped. -- CMDR MUSHU

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