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There are a lot; look on w:c:halo Halopedia. It has a full list. Some of the common ones:


2. Double Kill 3. Triple Kill 4. Overkill 5. Killtacular 6. Killtrocity 7. Killimanjaro 8. Killtastrophe 9. Killpocalypse 10+. Killionaire

4+ and entire opposing team is dead at one time. Extermination


5. Killing Spree 10. Killing Frenzy 15. Running Riot 20. Rampage 25. Berserker

15 without dying, full game. Perfection


5. Shotgun Spree 10. Open Season

Sniper/Beam Rifle

1. Sniper Kill 5. Sniper Spree 10. Sharpshooter

Energy Sword

1. Bonecracker (any weapon melee) 5. Sword Spree 10. Slice 'n' Dice


1. Splatter 5. Splatter Spree 10. Vehicular Manslaughter

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