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Theres the Unggoy,or Grunts(there the small cowardly aliens);The Sangheili,or Elites(the tall aliens with different color armor);the Kig-Yar,or the Jackels(the decent sized alien with shields) and there cousins the Skirmishers;the Lekgolo,or Hunters( the walking tank aliens);the Huragok,or Engineers(the floating alien from Halo 3:ODST and Halo:Reach);the San'Shyman,or The Prophets(the aliens that have floating thrones in Halo 2,3,and wars);the Jiralhanae,or Brutes(the aliens that resemble gorillas in halo 2,3,ODST,and Reach);and the Yanme'e,or Drones(the flying bug aliens in Halo 2,3,ODST,and Reach

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