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1. They have a 7-step plan to launch their enemies into the sun with a giant slingshot, thus ruling the world.

2. They made one of the most played games ever made.

3. Bungie started out making games for the Mac, including "Oni", and "Marathon".

4. "Bungie Day" is on 7/7/----

5. Bungie employees are known for adding "easter eggs" into their games, including hundreds of hippos in trash piles.

6. Don't mess with Shishka, no matter how much you want to touch his beard.

7. The "Flame Helmet" worn by Bungie employees is actually a chest-piece.

8. Bungie did not make "Halo Wars", nor any of the Halo books.

9. Bungie knows to always blame Stosh.

10. Bungie is a company.

11. Why did I take the time to type all that?-wadjet2 01:53, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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