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In Halo: Combat Evolved, there are a limited amount of available UNSC and Covenant weapons. In the campaign, the player can use the:

  • M6D semi-automatic pistol, great for medium-range sniping and Close Quarters Combat (CQC). Good at taking out enemy Ghosts and Banshees.
  • MA5B Assault Rifle, commonly abbreviated AR, good for CQC but not much else, as its accuracy suffers from a 2-6 degree deviation
  • M90 Shotgun, the weapon of choice for combating the Flood and other close targets. Each shot fragments into 15 projectiles, each projectile carries the damage value (see the shotgun tag in a modding program). Not recommended for anti-vehicle combat.
  • M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, aka the 'SPNKr'. Fires two rockets from a rotating barrel before reload. These rockets do not feature a homing system (unless modded), but are excellent at eliminating vehicle threats (if aimed correctly) and clusters of enemies. Ammo is scarce, so be conservative.
  • SRS99C-S2 AM, better known as the sniper. It fires off an armor-piercing, discarding sabot round that can pass through multiple targets when aimed correctly. Aiming for the head will result in a quicker death. This weapon is treated in game as 'silent', meaning your enemies will not here it go off even at close range (i.e. sleeping grunts), despite the tremendous noise produced from firing.
  • M9 HE-DP fragmentation grenade. The player can carry for of these high explosive frag grenades. They sport a short countdown timer that starts when the grenade rests, or stops bouncing. The range is effective for eliminating clusters of enemies, but be mindful of its location, as it can kill you along with the Covenant.
  • Plasma Pistol, the Covenant equivalent to the M6D. Instead of being semi-automatic, pressing and holding the trigger will charge the weapon. Once this overcharge is fired, it can home in on a target and will completely neutralize any shielding, even an overshield. Excessive firing or overcharging will cause the weapon to overheat, which compensates for the fact that the plasma pistol never has to be reloaded.
  • Plasma Rifle, the Covenant equivalent to the MA5B. Like the AR, it has poor accuracy, but this is made up for by a feature all plasma weapons share: stun. Every plasma shot, when it hits a target, causes that target to 'freeze'. All movement is either stopped or slowed, making the target vulnerable to continued fire. If excessively fired, the Plasma Rifle will overheat.
  • Needler, which is a completely unique type of weapon, similar in concept to a miniature rocket launcher. It fires 20 homing 'needles' that have a great angular turn rate (follow). Upon impact, the needles will stick to the target and cluster, then explode. If the target is hit with more than seven needles, the needles combine to 'super explode', which is a violent display of pink light and death. The actual impact of the needle causes damage, the explosion causes further damage, and the super explosion is usually the finishing touch.
  • Plasma Grenade, the equivalent to the frag grenade. This grenade does not bounce nearly as much as the frag. It will only bounce when thrown at a non-horizontal surface, and will stick to vehicles and floors. If thrown at a target, or bounced onto one, the Plasma Grenade will adhere to the target, activate its countdown timer, and detonate. This is usually a guaranteed way to kill. Most enemies take on a property known in-game as 'berserk' upon being stuck. They either attempt to remove the grenade, or they charge the player in a last-ditch effort to get payback. If any enemies are unfortunate enough to be near the stuck target when the grenade detonates, they will suffer splash damage.

The following weapons are seen in campaign, but not usable by the player unless modded:

  • Energy Sword, wielded either by Zealots (yellow armor), or stealth Elites (invisible). No matter what the difficulty, or where struck, the Energy Sword is a one-hit, one-kill weapon. It explodes if its wielder is killed. If modded, the weapon can be wielded by the player; however, there is no first-person model, so the player's screen will show nothing. When wielded, the Energy Sword emits a blue glow that can be seen reflecting off of nearby surfaces. If the player presses the melee button, the slicing sound can be heard, but no animation will be seen, and no damage will be dealt.
  • Fuel Rod Cannon, the equivalent to the M19. It fires arcing plasma rounds that are devastating to all types of units. They are only wielded by Grunts, although a modified version is fitted to the Hunter's right arm. If the Grunt is killed, the Fuel Rod Cannon will began emitting green flares or sparks, similar to the flare of a plasma grenade, and then explode. It is unknown if modding will allow the player to use this weapon. No first person model was included, so the player's screen would be blank.

The following entries are vehicles, each sporting a unique weapon:

  • M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tank. The UNSC answer to fast and friendly service with a smile. The main cannon fires off a devastating 90mm Tungsten Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped rounds at incredible speeds. Each round packs enough firepower to kill a Hunter in one shot, and a Wraith in three (two if on Normal or Easy). The Scorpion also sports a 7.62mm machine gun, mounted beside the main cannon. This is used for cleaning up any close by infantry, can be used to supplement the main cannon, or used while the main cannon reloads. Note: the main cannon has a 0.5-2 degree deviation, so shots are not guaranteed hits. The 7.62 is horribly inaccurate, with a 2-8 degree deviation. This weapon is near useless at anything past close-range.
  • M12 LRV, or Warthog. Mounted in the back is the M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, or LAAG. Firing 12.7mm armor piercing rounds at 450-550 RPM, this weapon is an excellent choice for battle with thick pockets of enemy resistance. The M12 requires a driver and a gunner, and when the two are in a good communication, there is nothing standing in their drive to victory. The M41 can be used to destroy enemy armor, troops, and Hunters, provided the driver can keep the Hog away from enemy fire.
  • Ghost, the closest thing to a Covenant Warthog. It only seats one; the operator must be skilled and dodge enemy fire while returning it at the same time. It fires two plasma rifle type weapons form its armored front. These weapons are mounted on joints such that they can be aimed up approximately 50 degrees, and down approximately 15. There is no overheat, unlike handheld Covenant weapons, but the deviation is enough to make the Ghost effective only close to medium-range combat. Pressing the jump button causes the Ghost to nose up; this can be used to stabilize it while performing jumps, or to crush/splatter any enemy dumb enough to stand in your way.
  • Banshee, the Covenant airborne platform of close air support. This vehicle is probably the most effective vehicle in the campaign, and is virtually unstoppable when in the hands of a skilled pilot. Its primary weapon is similar to that of the Ghost's, except the weapons are not mounted on joints. The deviation renders the Banshee useless at long-range distances, but is lethal at close-range. Its secondary weapon is a fuel rod, which must be aimed to compensate for its arcing flight path. A common tactic is to lead up the enemy with plasma rounds, then finish them off with a fuel rod, or vice versa. The Banshee can be destroyed in Campaign, as can the Ghost.
  • Shade, a stationary Covenant plasma turret. It fires a shot consisting of three projectiles. The deviation is considerably better than other Covenant weapons. The Shade features an armored 'bowl' that protects most of the gunner form enemy fire. The best tactics for removing gunner's involve sniping the gunner out, or approaching the turret at point blank range and either sticking it (and backing up) or shooting the gunner out with a lesser weapon such as the MA5B.

The Covenant Spirit Dropship and UNSC Pelican Dropship are unusable by the player unless modded. The Pelican does not have any weapons, but can be flown and used to ferry Marines if any are alive and nearby. The Spirit theoretically could be modded and flown, but it is unknown is this has been successfully done. The Spirit appears to have a weapon, a chin-mounted plasma turret similar to the Shade, but in reality this is an actual unit in and of itself. This unit is internally known as cd_gunner, and is scripted to attach to the Spirit. This gunner will not open fire on the player unless the player fires at the dropship, or an enemy spots the player.

Of note: the only destroyable vehicles in the Campaign are the Ghost and Banshee. All human vehicles transmit damage directly to the player, while Covenant vehicles either absorb the damge (and eventually explode) or transmit it to the player. Pelicans and Spirits are indestructible and transmit no damage.

Of course, many of the things listed above can be modded in an infinite number of ways. Get creative, and for modding tutorials and advice, either google it, or send me a PM. Orionf22 02:30, September 28, 2009 (UTC)

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