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While the exact literal meanings for Elite names are unknown, their composition is clearly defined. Their first name, for example "Xytan," is their birth name given when they are born, and all they have until they reach adolescense when they take on their clan name. Each member of a clan takes the name of the clan as his own; a member of clan Vadam would become "Thel Vadam," while a member of clan Wattinr would become "Xytan Wattinr." While the Elites remained with the Covenant, they added "ee" at the end of their names to show military service, and second names are possible; Voro 'Mantakree became Voro Nar 'Mantakree for his deeds at Delta Halo, and Xytan Jar 'Wattinree also had a second name.

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