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Mmmmmmmmm yup. Tanks only using 90mm shells, bullets are still being used (good against light infantry though and cheap), lack of infantry plasma weapons, shotguns are weaker than they should be at medium range, and lack of wire-guided missiles, and more. However, they do use hydrogen as a fuel source, which is pretty convenient since they'd run out of resources quickly if they continued to use fossil fuels. And I guess this is just to balance out gameplay. I mean look at how much they nerfed Halo 1's weapons. It would not work out in multiplayer if everyone was cheap enough to shotgun someone 15 yards out or fire 3 shots at a SPARTAN to pop his/her shields with a pistol. Realism would be to overpowered and less fun. Besides, don't you feel better knowing that you could hold a weapon that is similar to ones in real life? (ie. a 8 gauge shotgun and rocket launcher instead of an alien rifle that fires superheated plasma and a shoulder mounted weapon that fires hazardous radioactive projectiles)

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