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He must be a playstation fanboy. Which begs the question of why he was selling xboxes. The most likely theory is that he is a grunt serving under the Covenant, who are indignant at how we kick their butts in the game and are trying to stop us from playing it. They keep selling them so they can track down whoever likes the games. A Sangheili Spec-Ops team will soon descend from a phantom and try to kill you in your sleep. You will fight your way out and hijack their phantom, flying it up to their cloaked Supercarrier, and set up teleporters linked to the Spartan team waiting on the ground, who will then take over the ship and pilot it to High Charity, where you will set up more teleporters, allowing the guy writing this entry to take over the Covenant leadership and command the most powerful force in the galaxy. Right?

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