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Go for inclement weather. You won't have to get pissed off when you have to save for it again if you buy something else.I think you'd be better off with Badass Armour and grunt/heart Armor Effect. You can hardly see Pestilence and Inclement gets boring after a while but Grunt birthday never gets old. Plus you can get yourself some kickass Armour; Crap Armour would cramp the style of you pestilence/inclement anyway.Badass armor all the way.heart attack/grunt birthday and badass armor its coolerno se jejeje xdkeep saving up and have both , you know no one said you have to buy something right now pestilence/inclement weather and crappy armor cuz its easier to get helmets/body armor than it is to get 2 million credits for inclement weathersave your money so you can buy everything. who cares about the armor?nonePestilenceGet the badass armor with inclement weather if you have enough money

I THINK the grunt birthday is the most annoying thing in the universe get incliment weather you see it alot less then grunt birthday...

Save as much as you can, so you can buy both.

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