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no. In truth, the backstory for the Halo franchise was covered by Halo: Wars and Halo: Reach. If they were to create another prequel, it would have to detail some major ground operation using either SPARTANs of ODSTs (the first Covenant assault on Harvest, for example- not the second as featured in Halo: Wars)for the FPS games. As for the RTS variant (the suggested sequel for Halo: Wars in its achievements list), anything is possible.Probably not, as Bungie is not making any more Halo games, and 343 want's to continue Master Chief's story. But if they do I want to play on Sigma Octanus IV! 01:42, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

THere may be more fanware on that time period...

I beleive that Halo:first strike will be a video game at some point (or at least i hope so) because it is a major operation in the series, features master chief as the protagonist once again, and has varying environments plus other elements that would make gameplay just awesome. The main reason i think this will happen though is that 343 industries is gonna be desperate to make as many Halo games as possible to make maximum profit from the industry.

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