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yes because there is only ONE gravemind

where is it stated that the human covenant war gravemind is the same creature that was active during the forerunner flood war, granted it may be the same, but at the same time it may be an offspring of sorts of the 100,000 year older gravemind(encoded flood infection forms with its memories that were sent to attack forerunners but got captured and sent to halo, while the original gravemind was killed in the pulse, the infection flood survived the pulse and attacked a species that found the ring before regret did, turning them and remaking the gravemind) (ring 05 was clearly under flood control and 2401 said the ring was suffering severe containment failure less then a day after the covenant first showed up, and they learned not to "open doors they dont know the contents of" on ring 04 so the graveminds body obviously wasnt human or covenant based) (so it has the same memories but isnt the same being as far as its body goes) (also to back up this theory is the PROTO-GRAVEMIND on ring 04, if the 05 gravemind is the same as the one 100,000 years prior, why are the flood on ring 04 making another one if, like the highlander, there can be only one?) and mendicant bias wasnt brainwashed, it/he went rampant, the ai equal of insanity

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