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Definately not

John Forge is deffinetly NOT Spartan 117. Even though both John Forge and John (Spartan 117) are both non-commissioned officers, John (Spartan 117) was born on Eridanus II, not Earth. John Forge was born in 2502 thus making him 9 years older than John (Spartan 117)who was born in 2511. Not to mention Forge died in 2531

Beside John Forge DIED, and Master Chief is alive(Halo Wars is 20 year before Halo)

BUT, Cortana once said that she chose him because he had luck. Maybe it was luck and john forge survived and became spartan 117 <---- No. That's foolish. Forge is dead, The chief is an entirely different person and did you even read what was written above?

(sarcastic) yes because chief clearly wasnt wearing his armor when other spartans were, had a last name, and survived a sun going supernova and blowing up a artifical planet

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