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it is possible thougth highly unlikly considering that halo wars is mad by ensemble studios and is not canon

Not true....Halo Wars is completely considered canon. Hence the whole reason of the developers trying to find a way to keep the flood in the game without messing up the timeline and canon, which is why the SOF is left out in the middle of nowhere and keeping with the canon in the fact that the UNSC knew nothing of the flood until the encounter on Alpha Halo (Installation 04) with Master Chief S-117, Say what you will but Halo Wars is totally confirmed canon. If you check the Halo Encyclopedia the SOF, along with Sgt. Forge, Anders, and Cptn. Cutter. The only non-canon Halo media out there is the animated short "Odd Man Out" on the DVD Halo Legends. The rest as far as I know is all canon and which is why all of the developers, writers, and whoever that work on published/released Halo media all have to cross reference their material with the infamous and sacred holy "Halo Bible" of legend and lore. Oh, how I would love to get my hands on that. -Dennis Flynn III

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