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neinneinNo, this was only fan-rumor. The Scarab gun was not in Reach, because no Scarabs in game are ever seen firing. The reason it was actually included in Halo 2 was because the Scarab itself needed a weapon to shoot, (thats why there are Scarab "rifles" present in all the Scarabs beams) and Bungie decided to give the players the chance to use this weapon in the form of an easter egg. As previously stated, there is no need for the Scarab to have a weapon in Reach, as they are never seen firing in-game. Hope this was useful - Someguy052maybeyes Yes. It is located on the UNSC Frigate that is a flying "Picture" in midair over Tip Of The Spear- The one shot down during the cutscene. You can take a banshee to find the scarab gun over on top of it.Yes go to Metropolis and get a Banshee and fly to somewhere near the scarab and get it.noIf there is it hasnt been found (or at least put on the internet yet) but no, not so far as we know.

There are videos claiming there are, but none have been "proven" to exist

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