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Uh, no... you would snap your back, and crack every bone in your body. You do not have the reflexes to control it. Only enhanced Spartans can wear the molinjor armor.


not only the reflax u dont have, also the power and strange that the spartan got in the drugs they took, they wight without the armor (spartan II = Master chief) like 130 kg (and not fat but muccles) also the armor wight almost another 400 kg, so you probably even cant stand with the armor on you...


no also even if you had the reflaxes and stuff to use the armor uou wouldnt be able to becuase unless you trained since you were what 7 – 11 years old like them they are trained proffesionals plus you would hardly be able to fight the move with the armor since you never studied it for 2 years before you put it on and the spartans thinks to the drugs it took them what 1 week to study them before they put them on.


It's not only about Muscle, weight, reflexes and training. But about a combined factor. The weight of the suit doesn't matter. It's an exoskeleton, what does matters. Is that it doubles the speed, strength, agilty etc of a Spartan. A normal human's bones would snap, and muscle tissue would be ripped apart because the moving speed of the suit is much faster than a normal human body can handle. The only reason this doesn't happen to the spartans, is because they're muscle tissue is much thicker than that of a normal human, and they're bones are nearly unbreakable.

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