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I really hope not. Don't get me wrong, I love the Halo series, but I'm tired of the Chief. Please don't hate up me for saying that, but I really was content with the first Halo trilogy, and I'm kind of thinking that they shouldn't have even done a second. I would like to see a Halo game revolving other battles in the canon. They've done the beginning and the end of the war, but never a game that chronicles the other 22 years between Harvest and Reach. We've had to rely on the books for that. Even better; a game about the Forerunner-Flood War or the Human-Forerunner War! That would be better than creamed corn on a skillet (don't ask).

Well, there could be a pretty possible chance, although we really don't know as of now, of course, but still a good question to ask.

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