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Jorge: Remote explosives to spark the bomb, (there MUST have been some on a covenant war-ship).

Kat: Neglecting to remember basic millitary rules, (use extreme descrecion in open air, enemy contolled sectors.)

Jun: Still alive! Where was I through the Halo trilogy? Ummm...... good question.

Carter: Hurrr Durrr. What is this autopilot you speak of?

Emile: Yeah! I (think) am such a badass! pffffttt, motion trackers are for girls.

Nobel 6: Come on! A giant MAC turret that can destroy frigates isn't automated?

Staying always close together and, of course, some kind of medic(Kat...).

Jorge make marine plant the bomb Kat put your shields on Carter see if six and Emile can destroy the scarab Emile use your motion tracker Six get on the POA

jorge just set a grenade on the bomb

kat looked up/put shields on

carter killed the thing himself

emile not stare at the dead elite for 10 minutes and turn around before the elite kills him

six would have gotten on the POA if emile did above

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