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this could count as same as reach army and merines, it must be covenant fleet soldiers and covenant army soldiers

The above is inccorect as if the Covenant has an Army,( which I doubt they do) then they would be stationed on their home planets. Planetery domination, or in this case - destruction is left to the Covenant Navy. As far as the question, I don't think they are neccecarily stronger but thier A.I. has improved. In addition, the enemy A.I. will always be better than your ally A.I., for gameplay reasons. DYMX (talk) 05:21, August 4, 2012 (UTC)DYMX

The Covenant DOES have an Army.  However, the reason for the Elites being so much more intelligent in Halo: Reach is because of the game's vastly improved A.I.

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