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A Ultra charges at Six firing a plasma rifle. Six kills it with his AR. A General tried to back-attack Six with an Energy Sword. Six then knocked it to the ground and killed it with a pistol. Six was then hit by plasma fire. Six started bleeding. Holding the Assault Rifle the right hand and the pistol in the left, Six killed two Elites but a Ultra smacked him onto the ground. A Zealot tries to an energy sword to kill Six. Six kicks the Ultra away and knocked the Energy Sword out of the Zealot's hand. The Ultra jumped on Six. Six elbowed the Ultra. The Zealot used his energy dagger to stab Six. Then a Elite stepped on screen with an energy sword.

First Off, he was not shown dying, you know that sword that pops out of the LEFT hand side of the screen right before the cutscene ends? Well That was crucial to how 6 died. Any hardcore fan would know that the only left handed elite is Thel 'Vadamee, or more commonly know as the arbiter. Remeber How i said that was crucial? The arbiter killed 6.

Unless the elite tried to free style it up and decied to use his left hand to impale him, meaning he could of failed and not actually killed him. I would only be convinced he died if there was a body and armour. Not just a broken helmet.

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