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The SPARTAN-IV Program created an entire new ensemble of SPARTAN supersoldiers.  Of the SPARTAN-II's and SPARTAN-III's, the following are KNOWN without a doubt to be alive as of 2553.


  • John-117
  • Linda-058
  • Kelly-087
  • Naomi-010
  • Frederic-104
  • Admiral Serin Osman, ONI (Osman-019)
  • Kirk-018
  • Cassandra-075
  • Musa-096
  • Rene-081
  • Fhajad-084


  • Jun-A266
  • Lucy-B091
  • Tom-B292
  • Ash-G099
  • Mark-G???
  • Olivia-G???

There are 17 SPARTAN-II's and SPARTAN-III's alive as of 2553.

There are great deal of SPARTANs who were listed as "MIA" without being confirmed "KIA," such as SPARTAN-II "Red Team" and "Team Black."

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