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they say halo 4, 5 and 6, but if 4 doesn't live up to their expectations who knows. I believe that halo is a great series, and I love all of their games, but. . . . I think that they should have stopped at 3, or Reach

Should've stopped at Halo 3 or Reach?? Why? I think 343 WILL live up to their skills on actually continuing the Halo trilogy! For God's sakes, man! They're already planning to release a special anniversary remake of the 10-year-old Halo: Combat Evolved! I mean, did you see the teaser and interview with half of the staff at 343? Pure awesome-ness!!! C'mon! I bet you this: 343 will become a sucess just after the Halo: CE remake and Halo 4 is released.

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