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There's Master chief who we all know survived, but there is the possibility of Jun surviving as we never saw him after he went with halsey1 known one. Master Chief. John S-117. There are no known others. When Reach first came out it was thought that Jun survived, but closer examination of the level Lone Wolf reveals otherwise.7 because there is John(Master Chief), Kelly, Linda, Fred and then 2 Spartan III, Tom and Lucy. The other we alive at the end of Halo:Ghosts of OnyxI would presume only Master Chief is the only spartan left. One,but there could be two or three,depending on their situations.If they were all on Reach they are all dead except John-117.There are 5 Spartan II's that are not listed as MIA or KIA Several others are listed MIA but may yet realistically resurface if the story demands it; their "deaths" occcured under foggy enough circumstances as for Spartan I (3 alive) and III (8 alive)

  • Spoiler* (Just incase)

(I'm including John-117 in that 8 as it is known that he isn't dead)

Addition: Alice, Jerome and Douglas(the spartans on the Spirit of Fire) could still be alive but they are MIA. The Spartan III's, Tom, Lucy, Ash, Olivia and Mark, and the members of Gray Team

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