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One for sure, the Chief, but some others may have survived, I believe it was Fred, Linda, and Will. But I would check up the Onyx wiki page. That will tell their story.some did when they were stuck on onyxmy best guess is master chief and jun because in halo 4 you see halsey and when you last see her in reach she leaves with jun in a pelicannot manyk

Well, Warrant Officer Jun survived and so did Petty Officer Second Class Kelly, Team Katana, a whole bunch of Gamma Company (I think), Petty Officer Second Class Linda, Lieutenant Junior Grade Fred, and Team Saber. And we all know Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (sorry I like adding Ranks.) 09:42, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

me5None.xdddidk lolThe spartans trapped in the shield world and johnWell about a couple dozen survived the human-covenant warfghgfhhfgno one knows 0thats a good question about a dozen or so as many of them where killed in the battle of reach and the battle of earth and other battles which toke place around that time. the known survirours are Master Chief and Jun( there are probably more the those i can name though)Very hard to tell, and 343i can do whatever the hell they want with the story (just as Bungie could).

three people forget is alice, douglas and jernome who are in crysleep aboard the spirit of fire.

I like to think that a very good number of them survived.

That is correct. It's how many people who play Halo play as Spartans, which would probably total tens or hundreds of thousands. That's a whole lot of Spartans left.

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