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Pelicans cannot be used in any Halo game.

Wrong. There is an easter egg on the level New Alexandria. I believe it can be done on any difficulty. I tried it on Normal, so assume it can be done on Heroic and Legendary, too. It's easier with two players, but it can be done with one. Do the following on to acquire a Pelican and/or Phantom. HOPE IT HELPS EVERYONE!!!

1. Play through the level until you destroy all jammers and Kat calls you over the ONI building. BTW, you will need to acquire a jetpack from the hospital, behind where the jammer is/was. On Two-Player, only one will be required to have one.

2. Do not go to the ONI building. Instead, head to the triangular-shaped building to the left of Club Errera (building with red sign near top). There are two buildings on either side of Errera that look alike. Make sure it's the left one.

3. Take your Falcon to the left building and fly around until you see an indentation in the building. It will be on the back-right side of the building, reference point being Club Errera.

4. There will be a electronic switch on the ceiling of the indentation. This switch disables the "call for evac" feature, so you cannot lose your Falcon. On Single Player, fly it into the indention inside the indentation, on the left side of said indentation. You will have to jam it in (it will be incredibly difficult, but I did it, so it can be done.) The best way I found to do this is to fly the Falcon in left side first, with the cockpit facing the windows. Make sure your Falcon is above the slight overhang.

5. Then get out and walk along the slight overhang and, using your jetpack, flip the switch. The screen on it will change from green to yellow. Land back on the overhang and re-enter your Falcon.

5B. On Two-Player, fly your Falcon underneath the switch while the other player is standing on top of the helicopter. Have the second player jetpack, or jump if you're close enough (in which case you will not need the jetpack), up to the switch. Once flipped, the second player may either try to land back on the first player's Falcon or fall to his death.

6. Fly the Falcon towards the building that has a large arch-like, oval-shaped hole in it; it's hard to miss. Fly your Falcon through the hole and you should be teleported to a Pelican. It may not work immediately, and if it doesn't, continue to fly back and forth through the hole. Note that your Falcon will fall to its untimely demise when the Pelican is spawned, along with anyone else in it. If on Two-Player, the second player will not be teleported to said Pelican, and will die with his friend, the Falcon. The pilot will not have any weapons, but, if you land and allow your second player in, he will have access to a very powerful burst-automatic heavy machine gun.

6B. Do the same with a Banshee for a Phantom. Note that the Phantom, at least for me, could fly through buildings: this will kill your player. Also, it has an incredibly-fast speed boost, which can be difficult to control. This could force you to fly through a building a kill all onboard, which would also force you to repeat steps 2-6.

NOTE: If the pilot dismounts either vehicle, it will vanish, forcing you to repeat the process from the last checkpoint before hitting the switch!

Controls: The controls are similar to the Falcon and Banshee, with the exception of A being ascend. You cannot fly forward while ascending. Also, the Left Trigger is the boost function on the Phantom. I don't know what it does on the Pelican (I didn't notice anything).

the phantoms and pelicans don't have weapons if you do this glitch, but i think that the phantom can hold side gunners

The gunner will - if a second player enters the Pelican, IDK about the Phantom, he will get the HMG... I said that in this


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