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it doesn't seem to work every time...but 9/10 times it does...

what i usually do is set your damage resistance to minimum, turn off shields and the amount of damage dealt out to max....then start a forge game on (i find foundry the easiest) and set up 4 shield wall doors and put a soccer ball in the middle, and a machine gun turret next to it...walk into the soccer ball, melee it, get hit with it so it takes what health you have, then walk over to your turret, hold RB to use it, then hit B to detach...after that, you should have died, leaving your old body standing there holding the turret...and its alot of fun if you do it right, just meleeing the turret will kill you (or meleeing anything for that matter) it makes for an interesting game...and on a side note...sometimes the machine gun turret becomes infinite (as in the instant you rip one off one is already in its place, and so on)

(haven't played H3 in a while, but this is what i remember it as...please correct me if im wrong, but this should be it)

hope this helps!

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