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pre order exlusviethrough buying the legend edition of halo reach , or you can buy it on ebay for about £20, though in my opinion its a waste of money as you get a flaming helmet/elite armour , does'nt do anything else ??Lengendary edition, and its not a helmet, Its a armour effect in halo: Reach..The blue flaming helmet was recently released by Bungie but the normal flaming helmet is only available if you got the legendary edition of Halo Reach.

I'm assuming you are asking about Reach: The red fire effect is unlocked by a code that appears on a card inside of the legendary edition package. But I have seen the card on ebay though it isn't cheap.

The blue fire effect is unlocked by the iPod app found on iTunes. But I got the helmet by logging onto and following some instructions on the homepage.-Robdg25

which one if u want the blue flames then get reach and join bungie or join bungie for orange flames for halo 3 or get legendary edition of halo reach

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