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It's a video game they can do what ever nonsense they want.Chief "locked his armour so that when he hit his body was cushioned enough that it didn't move. As for Noble six, if you look on his back in the later half of "Long Night Of Solace" (ie when he's talking to Jorge) the extra pack on his back says "Re-entry pack" to help him through the atmosphere, plus he was limping after he landed. And if you're wondering, chief was already into the atmosphere when he left the dreadnought so i think his shields could've handled most of the re-entry from that point.armor lock like a pro? or just mass luck.Apparently, their armors from Mrk IV. Which was Noble Six's amor to Mrk VI which was Master Chief's armor, were equipped with an activateable armor lock up. However, Jorge also gave Noble Six a reentry chute seen when he throws him off the corvette, Master Chief had debris from the Dreadnaught to block some of the fall and his armor lock up. Thus they survived.MagicMAGIC!!!all mjolnir armour has hydrostatic gel which allows spartan to over pressure to prevent there organs being crushed aginst them and there armour also years of training and rambo speed allows them to make last minute adjustments when landing although four did die in first strike from a fall similar to the chiefs. noble six had a re-entry pack on his back wish was attached to the pilot of the sabre thats how he survivedThey're Spartans. Derp.

But why can my spartan not survive a high fall in forge world?

Spartan-IIs have titanium bones, so they can survive virtually any fall. However, this made them quite expensive. Spartan IIIs in Halo: Reach were made to be cheaper, to the titanium skeleton was deleted.

The comment above is incorrect. The bones are not made out of titanium nor are they augmented with any type of metal. The bones experience a process called Carbide Ceramic Ossification which makes them unbreable but not bloody titanium. This allows the Spartans bone to become unbreakable as seen with the Master Chief. Also the Spartan IIIs were not given this because of the costs, however noble team were gievn similar armor which in turn helps them with re-entry. Hope this helps ODST-52

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