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How did sargeant Johnson get off of Halo?

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He escaped in a Pelican with a few others.Sargent Johnson didn't get off halo as 343 Guilty Spark killed him with his weaponaccording to the book first stike he hid inside the ship the chief used to get off halo. It doesn't explain the journey he had to take to get there though. read halo the floodhe flew out on along with some other marines(not exactly sure what they used, but it was in the books, not the games)halo first strike tells you all about it. basically he was a spartan I and therefore was immune to the flood. there is also a comic all about him specifically after what happened when jenkins died.1337 haxHe escaped via Pelican dropship along with Warrant Officer Polaski, an ODST Corporal by the name of Locklear, and an ONI Lieutenant named Elias Haverson.Plot...IDK read first strikeon a pelican read first strike

Lieutenant McCay sacrificed herself and the captured Covenant CCS-Class vessel the Truth and Reconcilliation to stop the Flood from reaching Earth. At some point Johnson and the afformentioned people were on a Pelican before the ships destruction.

the real way johnson got off the pillar of autumn

f you finished halo 1 on legendary, you will see Johnson hugging the elite, then see both of the get engulfed in the explosion of the pillar of autumn and died. What really happened was just when the pillar of autumn exploded, Johnson hugged the elite, but what he really did was he hid behind the elite The elite was exposed to 1,000,000 degrees of super heated fire, 50 times hotter than the sun. The elite burned into a crisp in a matter of seconds, while Johnson survived by hiding behind the disintegrated elite body. With halo gone, Johnson was floating in space. Just as the elite got burned by the explosion, Johnson took the elites helmet, and enabled him to breathe in outer space. How he got back to earth was he saw a body of a grunt in space drifting nearby so he grabbed the gas mask of the grunt to propel Johnson towards earth at 300,000 km per second, as fast as speed of light.

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