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How did Truth's small fleet get through Earth's defenses if they consisted of 200 Super Macs and hundreds of ships?

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The covies ships are faster and can take much more damage than a unsc ship, other than that i don't know.

Yeah but a Super Mac could take out a Covie Assault Carrier with a single round. I think that it's a bit of a plot hole by bungie. True but there is a reson the UNSC is losing the war, i really don't know, sorry dude.

Truth's fleet jumped out of Slipspace behind/under the Orbital Defense Platforms, due to information retrieved from Regret's ability to jump from Earth. Before, it was never known this could be done; jump out of Slipspace while in a planet's gravity well. They basically bypassed the defenses.

Truth had the forerunner dreadnought, do u see where im going with this.

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