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Administrators are a group of trusted users who are tasked with the smooth running of the wiki. They maintain the fluid dynamics by performing regular housekeeping, and to act as a governing body to keep trolls and vandals at bay. If you should have any issues that cannot be resolved by reading our rules and policies, please feel to contact an admin via their respective talk page. Bureaucrats may also be used to refer to Administrators, however, Bureaucrats are only Administrators who can promote other users to an Administrator by using Special:Userrights.

Administrative Tasks

Administrators are able to ensure the fluid motion of the wiki with extra functions granted to Administrators only. Whilst users are able to access most wiki functions to help with the construction, and contribution of this wiki, Administrators have been trusted with extra functions too allow for house keeping, and punishment. The following lists are functions that differ between a normal user and an Administrator.

User Functions

  • Check recent changes - This allows users to add more to recently made, changed or answered questions, or to reverse any vandalism done by another user.
  • Check new questions - This allows users to answer new questions, reword poorly made questions, or mark questions for deletion should they break guidelines.
  • Answer un-answered questions - This allows users to answer questions which have not been contributed too, and are no longer considered new.
  • Answer answered questions - This allows users t add additional information to questions they believe have not been answered to the fullest potential.
  • Advise and encourage new editors by leaving them messages on their talk page.

Administrator Functions

  • Delete, un-delete, and read previously deleted pages that have been flagged for deletion by other members - Administrators should regularly check the candidates for deletion category to ensure quick review of questionable pages.
  • Delete, and un-delete images.
  • Perform one-click rollbacks for quickly reverting vandalism.
  • Whilst anyone can move/redirect pages, Administrators can also move images, and suppress redirects in cases of vandalism.
  • Block users in cases of punishment, or prevention of vandalism, or other destructive behaviour.
  • Lock questions that are subject to heavy and repeated vandalism.
  • Edit fully protected pages.
  • Delete user avatars in the case of utilised vile images.

Becoming an Administrator

Administrator candidates on Halo Answers are chosen by other Administrators as they are generally accepted as being the most experienced and trusted members on the wiki, and therefore are the most adept at selecting the best users to become an Administrator candidate.

Administrators on Halo Nation are automatically given the opportunity to be an Administrator on Halo Answers to preserve Halo Nation control of Halo Answers. This decision was made due to Halo Nation users being the most adept and trusted individuals are running a Halo canon wiki. This however does not mean that an Administrator of Halo Answers is automatically an Administrator of Halo Nation.

If a user possesses the correct requirements, and has shown considerable promise in abilities, they may be chosen by an Administrator and placed for nomination on our Request for Adminship page. Here the individual will be able to accept or decline their nomination, and will be subjected to a vote to decide whether they deserve the right to be promoted to an Administrator.

Administrator Expectations

Administrators are users who have been granted extra functions out of trust, they are therefore still subject to Halo Answers policy, and should not believe themselves to be above the accepted thresholds of our policies. Administrators should under no circumstances use their powers for personal gain, out of spite, or to intimidate others - Administrators caught doing so will be subjected to possible demotion.

Halo Answers Administrators


Admin Flag - United Kingdom Forerunner (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Admin Flag - United States of America Ultra Force (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)


Admin Flag - United States of America Karl-591 (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Admin Flag - The Netherlands Wilc0 (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Admin Flag - United States of America GodzillaMaster (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Admin Flag - United Kingdom T3CHNOCIDE (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)





Wikia Staff, Helpers and VSTF users also have Administrator access to Halo Answers, as well as every other Wikia as they are Wikia endorsed users. Please do not contact these users with a local problem, try contacting an Administrator first.

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