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Welcome to Halo Answers! This wiki is free for anyone to ask or answer questions pertaining to the Halo franchise and it's subsequent material. This wiki is run and managed collaboratively by users who are passionate about Halo. In order to bring you the best and most reliable information we have a team of quality controllers from Halo Nation, who regularly check and answer questions on the wiki to ensure their accuracy.


Anyone can edit this wiki! So if you are stuck with a mission, confused about one of the characters, or just want to know more about Halo, feel free to ask a question by entering the question into the input field on the main page. Or if you have an extended knowledge of Halo, feel free to contribute by answering any un-answered questions or proof-reading previously answered questions!

Wiki Etiquette

Main article: Wiki Etiquette

This wiki is a collaboration of a diverse volunteers with varying ethnicities, religions, preferences, and values; in order for the wiki to function with minimal disruption, everyone needs to be tolerant and understanding of one another. It's best not to let personal opinions on a matter get in the way of how you present yourself on a wiki environment, as one misplaced sentence can lead to an escalation which leaves both parties unhappy. Remember the golden rule of using a wiki, "treat others as you would like to be treated yourself".

If you feel a situation will become heated, take a break to calm down and avoid the unwanted consequences of an argument. Sometimes we make mistakes, some times we can be frustrated and snap at others without meaning too, when this happens remember that you can never go wrong with an apology - it's the first step into mending broken bonds. Remember to use common sense in all situations, think first and consider the consequences; no one wants to be considered a cyber bully so use your common sense to avoid actions and situations where people might think you are being one. Always avoid using offensive or aggressive responses, this way you will avoid a similar response.

When you are in doubt, or feel you are being harassed, remember that the Administrators are here to help. We are understanding and will always come to an individuals need, with a neutral and unbiased opinion. We want what is best for our readers and users, so don't ever hesitate to ask for help.


It's your responsibility to ensure you present yourself with a civil and acceptable manner; when you do not follow expected behaviour, you are putting yourself at risk of being punished by Administration. We don't enjoy telling our fellow wikians off, but we will do what is necessary to prevent other wikians feeling comfortable and to protect the integrity of the information on this wiki.

Users should never use defamatory or offensive language, and should avoid using profanity! Users who deface our content with spam, nonsense, offensive material, or removing it without need are considered vandals, and will be blocked from the wiki promptly and without warning. Actions performed with the intent to provoke or irritate users of the wiki, or to purposefully damage the wiki itself, will not be tolerated! We work hard to maintain what we have created, don't undo it in an act of spite.

Avoid being punished for such offenses by using common sense to predict others will respond to your action. If you believe that the action might provoke users of the wiki to be offended or irritated, avoid doing it. Remember, when in doubt, ask about!

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